Re-labelling YOU. An interesting upside to expat life

THE OPPORTUNITY When packing your boxes to relocate to another country you have to opportunity to also pack away the normal conversation starters about you. You can leave your past behind, so to speak. It is not about running away from who you are, being ashamed of yourself or forgetting…

5 moves, 4 schools & 3 cultural integrations

5 moves, 4 schools & 3 cultural integrations A:  Does that sound stressful and as a lot? Or. B: Does it sound amazing, interesting and easily managed in practicality?  We will come back to the different perceptions, who they are (likely) coming from and why they matter. Over the years…

HR – Do you have an expat in your HR department?

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“Tell me and I'll forget; show me and I may remember; involve me and I'll understand. ” A Chinese proverb” This proverb could not be more true when understanding the life of an expat. In two out of the four schools my children have attended the above proverb has been…

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