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Expatriation meaning? And what is an expat?


Or – Expatriation meaning? Perhaps an odd question in this community, however an often asked one. Being expat advisors and supplying successful expatriation and repatriations, we often get that question as well do we see it asked in various social media threads and google reveals that the question is indeed…

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The expat spouse in an investment

The overlooked investment – The spouse

  An expatriation costs on average $300,000 to $1 million annually* Likely the single largest expense a company make on one individual except for the CEO   Regardless of any investment we make, we try to do our best to make sure that it is a good investment. We try to…

HR – What the T&C´s says

  Q: Why is it, that so many expat assignments are dealt with (only) accordingly to pre-defined company rules and policies and with the argument “this is what the T&C´s says” ? This, despite us living in a world where we all claim individuality, diversity, “unique DNA” and a customer…

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(Avoiding) Expat Burn Out

(Avoiding) Expat burn out

What to do and not to do, to avoid expat burn out when relocating.   First and foremost. “I am different just like you” and relocating is hard! Why? As it is, and despite what you read anywhere about expat burn out, the level of tolerance is different for each…

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One plus one is to

Two for one

When a company expatriate an employee and his/her spouse they get two for one. For a longer or shorter period. Very much depending on whether you have children or not or if the spouse takes a job too. How is that? Like this; An employee who is expatriated must end…

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