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Expats are foreigners

Foreigner Fatigue

By guest blogger and long term expatriate - Karen Watson When you live abroad every day brings new challenges, whether it be language or cultural, and new experiences. Most of the time this is great, exciting even. It is part of what what you sign up for when you move…

Being an expat during COVID

The feeling of isolation, loneliness and anxiety while also facing culture and language barriers during a relocation are known challenges when living as an expat. What happens when you heighten those challenges with a global pandemic? In essence, it requires more effort and mental strength to cope and the risk…

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(Avoiding) Expat Burn Out

(Avoiding) Expat burn out

What to do and not to do, to avoid expat burn out when relocating.   First and foremost. “I am different just like you” and relocating is hard! Why? As it is, and despite what you read anywhere about expat burn out, the level of tolerance is different for each…

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