Understanding and connecting with your expatriating employee will save valuable time and avoid costly mistakes.

Working with expatriates and repatriates very much revolves around practical, personal and professional mental wellbeing of the employee and his family.

What does that specifically look like?
I don´t know. You don´t know.
Because I am different, just like you, and so is the expatriate.
Company policies, rules and guidelines sets some frames and conditions.


HR must deliver the rest and navigate the individual expat and their relocation ensuring best performance and ROI. Delivering the rest means understanding and solving not only defined requests and challenges.

A few examples:

  • How do we best support him when having to implement a fast expatriation? What is fair?
  • He seems to not get along with people after repatriating. Why and how do we manage this?
  • He was not asking for this much support the last time he relocated. Why has this changed?

What I offer

Experienced, knowledge based and intuitive advice and guidance for companies and HR to make better

and more aligned solutions conclusively benefitting performance, results and job satisfaction.

How I Work

1. I listen and ask questions as I uncover and understand you, the expat, the company and the current situation

 2. I evaluate if I can be of valuable help. If yes, we proceed. If not, I will advise a way forward for you


Meetings are done on Skype, Zoom or by mail. I prefer zoom or skype. 

Meetings can be done in person if geography allows.

Mandatory first meeting – 90 min.

Following meetings – normally 45 min. but can be customized.


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Why me?

I have a long-term expat background and experience combined with the understanding of corporate work processes, guidelines and stakeholders.

I say what needs to be said in a proper tone and with correct timing.

I listen carefully, identify with you, accept our differences and will give you peace of mind as we work towards finding the solutions that are right for the company, the expat and HR.  

My approach:

Expatriation and relocation do not come with a one-fit-all manual. 

Every expat, expatriation and repatriation must be dealt with, putting the company´s and the expat´s goals, particular rules, well-being and situation foremost.

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