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Before, during and after an expatriation you are presented with a whole range of changes, all in unknown territory. Practical, personal, and professional ones. 

No one should have to deal and cope with this alone.

Having no experience can be stressful and can cloud your ability to make the right choices for you and it can be hard to feel comfortable and at ease – particularly as you do not know the long-term consequences. 

Having someone reassuring and guiding you is a great help and is highly stress reducing.

We all learn to walk and when we first start, we have no experience and therefore we stumble. 

When we stumble, our parents smile at us, takes by the hand, and say “Ups, up you go again”.

Our parents have the experience, the know-how and the confidence that we need to succeed.

That same experience is precisely WHAT I OFFER – in the life of an expatriating family and the solo expat.

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What people say...

“Kia was an invaluable source of strength and advice and coached me step by step to improving my mindset and situation. All her expat experience quickly identified and understood the source of my stress and her incredibly positive attitude helped guide me in the right direction.

Thank you, Kia”. 

Karen Watson 
Strategic Account Director Aix En Provence


How I Work

1. I listen and ask questions as I uncover and understand your and current situation.

What thoughts and struggles do you find yourself having?

E.g. fitting in, language, loneliness, finances, healthcare, business culture,

children, education, pace of life, exhaustion, rootless, etc.

 2.  I evaluate if I can be of valuable help. If yes, we proceed. If not, I will advice a way forward for you.

 3. I suggest a plan and we start moving towards your goal.


Sessions are done on Skype, Zoom or by mail. I prefer zoom or skype. 

Sessions can be done in person if geography allows.

First session – 90 minutes.

Following sessions – 60 minutes.


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Why me?

Because I have the right insights, know-how and advice to offer. I have walked your shoes. 

I listen carefully, identify with you, accept our differences and create peace of mind for you as we work towards finding the solutions that are right for you.  

My approach:

Expatriation and relocation do not come with a one-fit-all manual. 

Every expat, expatriation and repatriation must be dealt with, putting your particular background, situation and needs first.


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