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Finding my stride in my 4th relocation – this time in Singapore

By Kia Holm Reimer | 31 Oct 2022

Having made 4 relocations in under a decade, Danish expat, entrepreneur, and runner Kia Holm Reimer is no stranger to the challenges that come with moving countries. Here’s how Kia, whom is also a speaker and founder of expatadvising hit the ground running.

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Becoming an expat spouse
3 things to prepare for

By Kia Holm Reimer | 07 Dec 2022

Not only will you be the single most important support function for your working spouse, you will also be the epicenter for anything else going on in your family. It is indeed a full-time job. I’ve been doing it for 9 years. So best is to get ready for it before you go.

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A word with an author

With Kia Holm Reimer | January 2023

As the author of the e-book : “9 things to do and consider before you expatriating”, Kia gives all the details around preparation for expat life, from legal advices to challenge you can expect and more. We find out about here writting process.

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Expat spouses – the unpaid support function

By Kia Holm Reimer | 3o Jan 2023

Would you apply for an unpaid job?
A job that requires you to be on call 24/7.
A job that is not defined, and a job that you do not really know the impact of.
Mind you that this job is a job that ensures that your living costs, savings, pension and holidays are paid for.
The answer is no.
Then why do we take on the role?
I´ll get back to that.