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An expatriation or repatriation presents a whole range of decisions to be made, doubts to be cleared and recommendations and solutions to be found.

For the expatriating employee (and his family) and for the company expatriating the employee.

How do you do this best, when you have little, inadequate or none experience?

You use me.


Because educational advice from an experienced peer in expatriation and relocating offers you firsthand experience, hence new ways to look at and manage this.

With my help and advice, you save valuable time and most certainly you also avoid the pitfalls

In short.

– You do not have to do the whole marathon yourself when working with me. With useful, solution orientated and beneficial advice the distance is heavily reduced, and injuries are prevented –

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What people say...

“Kia Reimer is a highly principled and trusted advisor to her clients. She is diligent and creative. Whilst she plays strictly by the book this does not prevent her recommendation of innovative solutions. I have dealt with other advisers previously and been frustrated by their tendency to sit on the fence. Kia gives you all the experience and presents it in a cogent and dispassionate way which nevertheless facilitates the client making a decision without the sweat and butterflies in the stomach! Having worked with Kia from Expat advising for some time now I have been very impressed with her commitment to providing a genuinely superior level of customer service. She is clearly dedicated to what she does. Without hesitation I’d happily recommend Expat advising”.

Stine Møllebro
Author of “Successful Repatriation” Kom godt hjem


How I Work

1. I listen and ask questions as I uncover and understand your and current situation

2.  I evaluate if I can be of valuable help. If yes, we proceed. If not, I will advice a way forward for you.

3. I suggest a plan and we start moving towards your goal.


Sessions are done on Skype, Zoom or by mail. I prefer zoom or skype. 

Sessions can be done in person if geography allows.


Get quote.

My approach

I say what needs to be said and use my experience, knowledge and intuition.

Expatriation and relocation do not come with a one-fit-all manual. 

Every expat, expatriation and repatriation must be dealt with, putting your particular background, guidelines, situation and desired goal first.


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