Why being the HR for the spouse and children matters and how to best do this

Expatriating an employee with a spouse and/or children requires more input from you and your team. This workshop covers the importance of establishing a relationship with the accompanying spouse and/or children. I answer questions on how you do this? How much do you want to get involved? Why does it matter and how often do you touch base with the family?

You will do exercises, receive valuable personal insight and constructive tips and advice. 


Target group

Primary HR contact for the expatriating employee.


2 half days within 40 days.


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2 half days. To be done between the workshops.​​

Other workshops

Prepare yourself and your team for the workload and tasks associated with an expatriation, both before and during the move. 

Does your HR department have a repatriation plan in place? If not, then this is a profitable workshop for you and your team